The 1980s marked the beginning of a revolution in the financial world of which insurers were not foreign. These began to be subject to important changes of a very different scope that had a direct impact on the actuarial profession itself and coincided with the development and growth of the actuarial consultancies characterized, in their great majority, by their eminently quantitative approach and of “compliance” .

2009 –  In order to fill a gap that we understand existed in the world of actuarial consulting in October, Finenza Seguros is founded in order to offer the insurance sector the knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in the sector of its partners and offer a service of Consulting services that combine the technical part with the business.
2010 – The first M&A transaction closes successfully, covering not only the typical tasks of technical advice and actuarial valuation but also strategic and business aspects. There is an expansion of our services and activity to other EU countries.
2012 – We reached a Moodys Analytics agreement to provide technical and functional support to the companies that work with its tool (Risk Integrity) to fulfill the requirements of Solvency 2. This allowed us to specialize as experts in solving solutions for Solvency 2, developing projects to European level.
2013 – We have concluded an agreement with COR FJA (currently msg), a German company specializing in management software for the insurance sector, which has enabled us to position ourselves in the technology area and expand our range of services.
2015 – In October of this year we created a branch in Panama to cover local needs and use it as an expansion platform in the region. We started advising the Superintendency of Insurance and Reinsurance of Panama.
2016 – In September of this year we changed the name of Finenza Seguros by m2c Advisers for a better identification of the equipment and integration between branches.